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celeb_birls's Journal

Celebrity Birls
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Making birly celebrities known.

Welcome to celeb_birls! This is a community is dedicated to androgynous/masculine/boyish female celebrities and those who admire them.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact niz_zin and rareeshow.

Our affiliates are as followed. If you would like to be affiliated with celeb_birls, please contact one of the moderators.
ONTD Lesbians >> Dyke Riot
- When posting juicy gossip, stories, pictures, and what have you please remember to site your source.
- When posting images, don't break lj. Be respectful and place them under a lj-cut.

- Celebrity gossip, but MAKE SURE it has to do with a celebrity birl and remember to site your source.
- Pictures pertaining to birly celebs.
- Stories pertaining to birly celebs.
- Gush posts about how much you love a certain celebrity birl.
- Information about new movies, tv shows, etc that you know of pertaining to a celebrity birl.

There is ONE exception where you may post a picture of yourself or a friend, and that is ONLY if you are comparing how much you look like a celeb birl.

- Intro posts. You can do that in the Birls community.
- Advertisement posts. Please do not post an ad unless it pertains to the birl/celeb birl community.
- Posts asking for advice. There are plenty of other communities for that.
- Posts that are rude and/or offensive. You are more than welcome to give your opinion, just make sure you do it in a way that is as respectful as possible to all members. Members who intentionally start drama will be dealt with accordingly by the moderators.
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